*Reale* for TTB #9

December 16, 2011

The 9th edition of Tropicalia Bazaar is ready and full of lovely items! This is the last edition of 2011, so go check it out!
Reale item is a puff dress with a cute watercolor print. Only L$75.
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With Love from *Reale*

December 15, 2011

A very special hunt is going on. It’s a way to say thank you to our customers!

There’s a red box hidden in the store. Find it and pay only L$10 to get this cute dress!
Need a hint? “I need a rest… let’s sit here… oops, what’s that?”

Come on! it’s pretty easy!

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Reale @ TTB #7

November 18, 2011

The 7th edition of The Tropicalia Bazaar has so many items to choose from at such affordable prices! Take a look at the TTB blog to see what’s new.
For this edition Reale has a cute blue dress for only L$75. This offer will last til nov 30th, so hurry up to get yours!

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Reale @ Vintage Fair

November 18, 2011

From Nov 11th to Dec 3rd many designers are showcasing vintage inspired items on this event. Reale has 2 releases available exclusivaly at Vintage Fair. Go check it out!

>> More info about this event: www.vintagefair.tk

>> Teleport to Vintage Fair: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Retro/15/114/22

Reale @ TTB #3

September 15, 2011


A new exclusive item for The Tropicalia Bazaar!
Chevron dress, with sculpt collar and skirt. A colorful and cute dress for only 50L.
Limited time offer!

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Reale @ TTB #2

September 1, 2011

Two items were reedited exclusively for Tropicalia Bazaar!

– Green Arabesc Bikini: Halter top and low-rise bottom.
– Tropical Bolero: a new version of one of the most popular item in the store.

Each one for 50L only! Limited time available only at TTB.Go grab yours!

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*** Some items from past editions will be available at the Mallu’s Basement (Reale’s outlet store) very soon.

Reale @ TTB #1

August 17, 2011

Tropicalia Bazaar is open and you’ll find many items from great designers at a discount price from 25L to 75L.
Come check it out, clothing for man and woman, hair, poses, shapes, shoes and acessories. You can find more info, looks, location and everything about TTB on The Tropicalia Bazaar Blog.

Reale has 2 items available:
Birdies one-shoulder top: All layers included for easy mix and matching. Only 50L
Floweret minidress: Halter dress with sculpted skirt and belt. Only 75L.

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Culture Shock

May 4, 2011

Reale is participating in the Cuture Shock event with 3 exclusive bikinis from the new swimwear collection. Citrus bikinis are available only in this event (you will not find these in the stores).

All proceeds will be donated to Médecins Sans Frontières (also known as “Doctors Without Borders”). More about the event on Chic Management website.

Teleport to Reale @ Culture Shock

Swimwear Collections

April 13, 2011

Each collection has 3 options for tops and bottoms sold separately for easy mix and matching. From sexy strings to feminine bandeau, you can make your own bikini.  Full collection is sold for a discounted price.

Blue Heritage – Inspired by portuguese tiles, this collection has a pattern in deeps blues, oranges and yellows. Tradition in a modern cut.

Red Rose Blue – Vintage roses over a light blue background. Strings in red poas for a cute finish.

Pink Damask – Light pink over a beige background is almost a nude pattern. Polka dots on the strings for a girly look.

Fashion For Life

March 11, 2011

From March 12 – 22 you can shop with a cause:  fight cancer. Fashion for Life is the fashion arm of the Relay for Life movement in Second Life supporting the American Cancer Society. Each designer has set up 4 items for sale in a special vendor that donates all payments to ACS.

There are 9 sims dedicated to the event and each one is an attraction by itself. Reale is located on Helmut Newton (156, 194, 23) along with many other great stores.

Visit Fashion For Life SL for more info on the event. See you there!

UPDATE: Our popular polka dot bolero has a special edition and special price at FFL: L$50! (regular L$200). Only til march 22!